How to get Free Station Cash For Planetside 2

Getting new guns, skins and upgrades in Planetside 2 can be really frustrating and time consuming. Getting a new gun for example can take countless of hours, even days depending on your skill level. It's not that hard to unlock a few weapon upgrades with the help of cert points, a decent player can unlock a new upgrade maybe once per day or so. But when it comes to unlocking new weapons the process will take weeks or even more if your not that good of a player, at least if you're using cert points to unlock the weapons.
If you're using Station Cash to unlock items in Planetside, it's a completely different story, you get the weapon instant of coures but it comes to a cost, and that is money, real money.

That's where this guide kicks in, in this guide I will show you a method on how to get unlimited free Station Cash that you can use in Planetside 2 or any other SOE game.

Free Station Cash For Planetside 2

How to get Free Station Cash - The Guide

Let's start with the guide, no point in waisting time, the guide will be using a site that's called Points2Shop. And it's this site we will be using to get our Station Cash cards. You might or might not heard of Points2Shop before, but let me explain how the site works, so you can decied if this is something for you or not.

Points2Shop is a site that reward it's users with different kind of rewards for doing simple tasks, you can for example get Station Cash cards from the site as a reward. So what kinds of tasks can you do on Points2Shop? Everything from watching videos, completing surveys, signing up on websites and recruiting new people to the site will earn you cash or points that you can exchange for anything you like.
The site is working toghter with Amazon so anything that Amazon have in stock is possible to get as a reward. Sounds good?

Getting Started with Points2Shop

First thing you got to do in order to start earning your Station Cash is to register on Points2Shop, you do that by clicking the link down below, it only take a few minutes. Make sure to use a legit and working email when registering, because you need to verify your email in order to have a working account.

Click here to Register on Points2Shop

I also included a introduction video to the site so you can get a good overview of the site and get started as soon as possible. And if your unsure if the site works or not, then all I can say is it do work, thousands of members login to the site each day and are loving it. I know Points2Shop sounds to good to be true, I thought so to when I first started with the site a few years ago, but it really isn't, it's all about how much work and effort you put into the site, the more work the more the rewards will be, it's that simple, this isn't a giveaway or a charity website, it's about earning the rewards you deserve, so go get what you deserve, register now.